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Web3 domains are shaping the future of the internet, giving individuals and businesses a user-owned, secure and portable digital identity for Web3.

Simple payments / Web3 username / Website URL

Use the search box to search. Suggested searches: name, nickname, social handle.

Log in securely to the decentralized web in just a few clicks – without compromising privacy. Share data on your own terms.

A name to log in across Web3

A name for your Web3 profile

Build your digital identity with Domain Profiles. Verify your social accounts, display your NFT avatar, and highlight achievements.

A name for getting paid

Make sending and receiving crypto simple. Replace long, complicated wallet addresses with a single easy-to-read name.


Ownership of your Unstoppable Web3 domain is lifelong, fee-free and no one can take it from you, not even us.

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