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About us

Unstoppable Domains is on a mission to return the power of the internet to people. To accomplish this, we are creating Web3 domains that put you back in control of your data. These aren’t just traditional domains, these are domains with superpowers.

Domain Names
With Superpowers

With your unique Web3 domain, you can replace your long complex wallet addresses, verify ownership of your NFTs, and join the tens of thousands of people who are now using their Web3 domain as their Twitter and Discord names.

Unstoppable Domains – Your name, universal crypto address, and login for Web3.


Login With Unstoppable

Easily integrate Login With Unstoppable into your dApp in as little as 5 minutes!


Will Login be a paid service?

How is this different from logging in with a wallet?

People can login to apps using their human-readable web3 domain name instead of using a wallet address. It additionally offers users and apps the ability to permission the sharing of off-chain data should a user choose, which is not available using a wallet. Also your identity/login is associated to your Web3 domain, so you can transfer 
it to a different wallet down the road should you desire. You can't transfer your private key.


Can users choose what information to share with each app?

Yes, users can choose what info they share - from email address, phone number, social handles and more. We're also always building out new functionalities and will introduce additional scopes that users can share, along with more flexibility and controls for dapps on the backend.

Yes. Our most recent version allows for users to acquire a free domain from within the Login experience.
Paid domains to come soon.

Can users create accounts from the Login app?

Which apps are currently integrated with Login?

See our official list of application integrations here.

What Is Login With Unstoppable?

It is a simple login widget for applications that elevates the web3 login experience. 

What Are The Main benefits?

  • Privacy forward, dapp centric
  • 100% user owned & controlled
  • Simplified Sign-up & login

How Can I Integrate Web3 Domains?

  • Get your clients credentials
  • Choose the integration
  • Configure the Login UI

.polygon digital identities are here! 

Join Unstoppable's community of 750+ dApps by adding .polygon support. Build your community and deepen relationships with your users by integrating support for .polygon. 

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Resolution + Reverse Resolution

Replace long, complicated wallet addresses with an easy-to-remember domain name within your dApp.

Enable registration and management of .polygon domains within your dApp and earn a revenue share!

Connect With Your Users, 

Not Just Their Wallets

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Integration Made Easy

Integrating Login With Unstoppable is easy with our UAuth JS libraries! 

This video walks through a few examples, including tips and tricks for troubleshooting. 

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Privacy Policy

No, it is a free feature members get with the purchase/ownership of their Web3 Domain. It is free to use and free for apps to integrate.


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Or read our technical documentation on how to support .polygon in your dapp