Unstoppable Messaging is Coming!

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Message Domain Holders

Anyone with an Unstoppable domain will be able to message other Unstoppable domain holders, whether they use .polygon, .nft, .x or any one of our other domain endings, as long as they’ve minted their domain to a wallet address.

Connect with your community

In addition to peer-to-peer messaging, you’ll be able to message others with badges for collections they hold. Connect with your fellow 3-digit club friends or stay up to date on news from your favorite projects.

Privacy by design

All messages will be encrypted, making it ideal for discussing sensitive topics like blockchain development. Plus, by using Web3 domains as identifiers, Unstoppable Messaging will eliminate the need to share your private email or phone number.

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Safety features

You’re in control of the messages you receive. You’ll be able to block individual users from messaging you, enable only a select list of users to message you, or if you prefer, block all new messages entirely.